Police in Dallas doing their job . . .. A nightclub in Orlando . . .. An office holiday party in San Bernardino . . .. A church in Charleston . . .. A movie theater in Aurora . . .. An elementary school in Newtown . . ..

What's next? How many more people need to die from gun violence before we take bold action to save lives?

More than 300 Americans are shot each day, more than 80 of them fatally.

More than 1 million Americans were killed or seriously injured by guns from 2004–20I4.


It's time to take action to keep guns and ammo out of the wrong hands.

Proposition 63—the Safety for All Act—will save lives by closing loopholes to prevent dangerous criminals, domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill from obtaining and using deadly weapons.


  • Remove illegal guns from our communities by ensuring that dangerous criminals and domestic abusers sell or transfer their firearms after they're convicted.
  • Require any business that sells ammunition to report if their ammunition is lost or stolen.
  • Require people to notify law enforcement if their guns are lost or stolen, before the weapons end up in the wrong hands.
  • Ensure people convicted of gun theft are ineligible to own guns.
  • Strengthen our background check systems and ensure that California law enforcement shares data about dangerous people with the FBI.

Proposition 63 keeps guns and ammo out of the wrong hands, while protecting the rights of law-abiding Californians to own guns for self-defense, hunting, and recreation.

Right now, thousands of dangerous felons remain illegally armed because we don't ensure that people convicted of violent crimes actually relinquish their guns after conviction. The Department of Justice identified more than 17,000 felons and other dangerous people with more than 34,000 guns, including more than 1,400 assault weapons.

Passing Proposition 63 will represent a historic and unprecedented step forward for gun safety.


• Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom • U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein • Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence • California Democratic Party • California Secretary of State Alex Padilla • Speaker Emeritus of the Assembly Toni Atkins • Speaker Emeritus of the Assembly John Pérez • Sheriff Vicki Hennessy, San Francisco • Former Police Chief Ken James, Emeryville • SEIU • League of Women Voters of California • California Young Democrats • California Federation of Teachers • San Francisco Board of Education • Equality California • Courage Campaign • California American College of Physicians • California American College of Emergency Physicians • Southern California Public Health Association • Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice • Coalition Against Gun Violence • Rabbis Against Gun Violence • States United to Prevent Gun Violence • Stop Handgun Violence • Stop Our Shootings • Women Against Gun Violence • Youth Alive!

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GAVIN NEWSOM, Lieutenant Governor of California

DIANNE FEINSTEIN, United States Senator

ROBYN THOMAS, Executive Director

Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence


Terrorists don't follow the law!

Gavin Newsom refuses to acknowledge that the Orlando and San Bernardino attacks were ISIS inspired Islamic radicalism. It is the same ideology that motivated the 9/11 terror attacks that killed 2,996 innocents.

Exploiting terrorist attacks to push sweeping laws affecting law-abiding peoples' civil liberties is misleading, wrong, and dangerous.

None of the proposed laws would prevent terrorist attacks. The reality is terrorists can always find the means to wreak havoc, a box cutter in a plane on 9/11, a homemade bomb in Boston, or a truck in Nice, France. Terrorists and criminals get weapons from the black market, make them, or steal them from law-abiding citizens.

Everyone agrees that preventing weapons from falling into the wrong hands is crucial. We all share the concern about the growing trends of terrorism and radicalization.

But, Prop. 63 is NOT the answer.

Spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars year after year on useless lists of everyone who buys and sells ammunition diverts critical resources and focus away from effective anti-terrorism efforts, leaving the public more vulnerable to attack and LESS SAFE.

There's a reason law enforcement overwhelmingly opposes Prop. 63.

The public interest would be better served if these resources were used to educate more Californians about what they can do to protect their families and communities from terrorist attacks or to further train law enforcement to do so.

Stop this dangerous abuse of public resources.

Vote NO on Prop. 63!

ALON STIVI, President

Direct Measures International, Inc.

WILLIAM “BILLY” BIRDZELL, U.S. Special Operations Command Anti-Terrorism Instructor

RICHARD GRENELL, Longest serving U.S. Spokesman at the United Nations


Prop. 63 is overwhelmingly opposed by the law enforcement community and civil rights groups because it will burden law abiding citizens without keeping violent criminals and terrorists from accessing firearms and ammunition.

The California State Sheriffs' Association, Association of Deputy District Attorneys for Los Angeles County, California Correctional Peace Officers Association, California Fish & Game Wardens’ Association, California Reserve Peace Officers Association, and numerous other law enforcement and civic groups, representing tens of thousands of public safety professionals throughout California, are united in their opposition to this ineffective, burdensome, and costly proposal.

Prop. 63 would divert scarce law enforcement resources away from local law enforcement and overburden an already overcrowded court system with the enforcement of flawed laws that will turn harmless, law-abiding citizens into criminals. In fact, New York recently abandoned its enforcement of a similar proposal after it was passed, finding that it was impossible to implement and effectively maintain.

Doing what actually works to keep the public safe is the highest priority of law enforcement professionals who dedicate their lives to protecting Californians. Unfortunately, Prop. 63 will not make anyone safer. To the contrary, by directing resources away from measures that are truly effective at preventing the criminal element from acquiring guns and ammunition, it would make us all less safe. The immense public resources that Prop. 63 would waste should be used to hire more officers and to target, investigate, and prosecute dangerous individuals and terrorists.

After closely analyzing the language of Prop. 63, the law enforcement community found many problems in the details. Due to strict limitations on the Legislature's ability to amend voter-enacted propositions, most of these problems will be difficult or impossible for the Legislature to fix if Prop. 63 passes, saddling California with the burdens and costs of this flawed proposal forever.

By going around the Legislature, this initiative limits public safety professionals in developing future legislation that would truly promote public safety. California taxpayers should not waste hundreds of millions of their dollars on ineffective laws that have no value to law enforcement and will harm public safety by diverting resources away from effective law enforcement activities that are critical to public safety.

Please visit WWW.WHERESMYAMMO.COM for more information.



California State Sheriffs’ Association

KEVIN BERNZOTT, Chief Executive Officer

California Reserve Peace Officers Association

TIFFANY CHEUVRONT, Principal Officer

Coalition for Civil Liberties


As law enforcement and public safety officials, we're not surprised that groups such as the NRA and its affiliates oppose Proposition 63. Make no mistake, the so-called "Coalition for Civil Liberties" is actually an NRA front group.

The gun lobby often claims we should focus on enforcing existing gun laws, and that's exactly what this initiative does—Prop. 63 closes loopholes and helps enforce existing laws to keep guns and ammo out of the wrong hands.

For example, Prop. 63 ensures dangerous convicts prohibited from owning weapons follow the law and get rid of their firearms. Law enforcement professionals have found that felons and dangerous people currently possess thousands of guns illegally—so closing this loophole will save lives.

Prop. 63 also requires reporting lost and stolen firearms, to help police shut down gun trafficking rings and locate caches of illegal weapons. Prop. 63 will help police recover stolen guns before they’re used in crimes and return them to their lawful owners.

Prop. 63 also improves background check systems so that law enforcement can prevent people banned from owning weapons—such as violent felons—from buying guns and ammo.

And Prop. 63 clarifies existing law so that any gun theft is a felony, ensuring that people who steal guns can't own guns. That's another common-sense reform to save lives overwhelmingly supported by law enforcement professionals.

Prop. 63 will close loopholes in our existing laws and prevent dangerous criminals, domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill from obtaining and using deadly weapons.

NANCY O’MALLEY, District Attorney

Alameda County

JEFF ROSEN, District Attorney

Santa Clara County


San Francisco

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