Republican Party

The California Republican Party is focused on listening to all Californians. We are working to restore our state as the leader in economic growth, job creation and, most of all, affordability.

We recognize that the cost of living is harming Californians' ability to provide a good life for their families. We want to make California the land of opportunity again—where everyone can get a slice of the American Dream. California should be a state where residents feel safe to run their businesses and raise their families.

We see a future with opportunity, where hard work leads to better jobs and pay. We envision a California where communities are safe, roads are built, air is clean and water is plentiful. Republicans want every child to have access to well–paid, effective teachers for a world–class education. Our doors are open to you and we hope you will make the decision today to protect, improve and rebuild this state by joining the California Republican Party. Visit us at to learn more.

Jim Brulte, State Chairperson
1001 K Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 448-9496

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