The Voter's Choice Act

The Future of Voting in California

Starting in 2018, all registered voters in Sacramento, San Mateo, Madera, Nevada, and Napa counties will receive their ballot in the mail weeks before the election. Voters in participating counties will have 3 choices for how to vote:

Vote by Mail: You can mail your completed ballot as soon as you receive it.

Drop Box: You can drop off your completed ballot at any county dropbox as soon as you receive it. No postage is required at dropboxes.

Vote Center: Vote Centers will replace polling places. You can vote in person at any vote center in your county. Vote Centers will be open for a minimum of 11 days, up to and including Election Day.

At every Vote Center you can:

  • Vote in person
  • Register to vote or update your registration
  • Drop off your completed ballot
  • Get a replacement ballot
  • Vote using an accessible voting machine
  • Get help and voting materials in multiple languages

Why the Change?

The California Voter's Choice Act became law in 2016 to make voting more convenient and accessible. You can choose how, when and where you vote.

When do I vote?

You will receive your ballot in the mail weeks before the election. After completing your ballot, you may return it by mail or at any county dropbox or vote center. Vote centers will be open for in-person voting for 11 days, up to and including Election Day.

Where do I find a dropbox or vote center?

What if I don't receive my ballot?

Visit any vote center in your county or call your county registrar to request a replacement.

What if I'm not in a Participating County?

If you live in a county that's not currently participating in the Voter's Choice Act, you will continue to vote either by mail or at a polling place. Contact the Secretary of State's toll-free voter hotline at (800) 345-8683 for more information.

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