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Roque De LaFuente


America is at a crossroads. We’ve been led by politicians who were more focused on improving the quality of their lives than improving the quality of ours.

As President I will work to improve our economy and repair the damage caused by massive tariffs but will do so without resorting to behavior that is insulting, harassing, or embarrassing to us all.

As President I will exhibit the character qualities of a true leader and not those of shameless self-promoter.

I would rather give credit than take it. I see no value in insulting others. I favor the Constitution over Twitter fights. I consult experts before reaching my decisions rather than acting on a whim. I will not abuse the presidency for personal gain. I will respect our Nation's history, principles, and values. I understand minority issues because I am a minority. I understand international relations because I have lived and worked abroad, which means I have experienced the false promises of socialism. I care about the environment and have taken steps privately to improve it. I understand the cost of education because I have five children. I do not look at problems through a political or narcissistic lens; I look at them through a practical one.

We are suffering because of politicians who place party politics ahead of the people and who view their office as a platform for self-promotion. Please help me change that by honoring me with your vote.

5440 Morehouse Dr
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 569-9000
Facebook: @joinrocky101
Twitter: @joinrocky101

Charles Kraut


The United States of America has the finest system of government ever conceived by the mind of man. The Constitution that the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us is the most important political document in the history of the world.

By all measures, the United States ought to be the freest nation in the world. American citizens should be people of strong character, moral, upright, and self-governing. That is the key to our constitutional republic; Americans need to be responsible citizens.

The America we see today is fragmented. The rise of the welfare state, the failed policy of nation building, the decline in literacy and morality — all these things have suppressed the American spirit and initiative.

As President of the United States I will work to help the American people educate and organize themselves. We can see our freedoms slipping away from us; it is time that we lived worthy of them so that we may regain them.

I believe in the American people. I have faith in them. We may have been led astray by false and dangerous philosophies, but at heart we are still Americans.

We, the People created this great nation. Now it is up to us to fulfill the American dream.

The President of the United States should always promote America's greatness and exceptionalism. I won't merely wave the flag; I will encourage all Americans to live up to their potential.

251 Alpine Drive
Lexington, VA 24450
(603) 475-3733
Facebook: Restoring Freedom in America

JR Myers


Accountable servant leadership. Free, equal and fair elections. Constitutionally based civil governance. Due process and the rule of law. Affirmation of innocent life from conception to natural death. Defense of the Second Amendment. No presumptive Red Flag laws. I am dedicated to uphold these foundations of our Republic. I will end illegal and undeclared wars! End the War On Drugs! End the school to prison pipeline! End the Criminal Justice/Military/Industrial complex! Stop the militarization of the police! Stop the criminalization of the populace! I promote education and treatment. I reaffirm sovereignty over one’s own body. Informed consent. No forced medical procedures. Alternative treatments allowed. I will end the Imperial Presidency and decentralize power. No more dictates by Executive Order. Reduce and end the menacing $23 Trillion national debt. Congress and the States shall exercise their prerogatives. Develop our economy through continued technological innovation. Promote domestic Rare Earth Element mining and refining, Hemp production and other sustainable alternatives, including energy diversification. We will prosper by being responsible stewards of our planet and diligent conservationists of our resources. End entangling foreign alliances. Implement Fair Trade agreements. End the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Review other federal agencies and programs for constitutionality. Healthy elections begin with healthy campaigns. Proper voter registration, ballot access liberalization, balloting, vote counting, permanent records, ethical campaign finance reform, unbiased coverage and debate inclusion of all ballot qualified candidates are essential. I stand for the ideals of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all!

P.O. Box 2164
Cut Bank, MT 59427
(907) 690-5200
Facebook: J.R. Myers for President
Twitter: Johricmyej

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