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Howie Hawkins


I am a retired Teamster in Syracuse, New York, who joined the civil rights, antiwar, and environmental movements as a teenager in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s. In 1984, I co-founded the Green Party. In 2010, I was the first U.S. candidate to campaign for a Green New Deal in the first of three campaigns for New York governor that won Green Party ballot lines.

To end the climate crisis, I have detailed an Ecosocialist Green New Deal to create 38 million new jobs, 100% clean energy, and zero carbon emissions by 2030.

To end poverty and economic insecurity, I propose an Economic Bill of Rights: job guarantee, guaranteed minimum income, affordable housing, improved Medicare for all, tuition-free public education pre–K to college, and secure retirement by doubling Social Security.

To end endless wars, I support 75% military spending cuts, U.S. troops home, diplomacy, international law, human rights, and a Global Green New Deal.

To end the new nuclear arms race, I favor no first use, minimum credible deterrent, and ratification of the new Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

I support unions, $20 minimum wage, worker co-ops, public banks, public energy, public railroads, progressive taxation, net neutrality, internet privacy, ending mass surveillance, no nukes, no fracking, abortion rights, student and medical debt relief, decriminalizing drugs, ending mass incarceration, police under community control, immigrant amnesty, African-American reparations, Indian and Mexican-American treaty rights, whistleblower and political prisoner pardons, and presidential elections by National Popular Vote using Ranked-Choice Voting.

P.O. Box 562
Syracuse, NY 13205
(315) 220-0101
Twitter: @HowieHawkins20

Gloria La Riva


The world’s unprecedented economic, social and environmental crises are caused by the capitalist system of profit and plunder. As the super-rich amass more wealth, millions more people fall into poverty from low wages, housing crisis and debt. We need socialism, where the wealth that all workers create is shared by all. Workers make the world run, workers should run society!

My Vice Presidential candidate, Leonard Peltier, is a Native political prisoner, still imprisoned after 44 years. Free him now!

I am a longtime union, community, anti-war activist. My father was a letter carrier, my mother a proud Mexican immigrant.

Rampant inequality, injustice, endless war and environmental destruction can only be resolved by replacing capitalism with socialism. Socialism means a sustainable economy organized to benefit the people.

My program includes: Guarantee housing, free health care and education, healthy nutrition, clean water, a job or income as constitutional rights; Cancel student debt: Stop foreclosures and evictions; End discrimination based on ability/disability; Stop environmental destruction & climate change; End racism, police brutality, mass incarceration; Pay reparations to the African American community; Full rights for all immigrants; Honor Native treaties; Shut down all U.S. military bases abroad — bring the troops home, end U.S. blockades of Cuba, Venezuela, Iran; no sanctions anywhere; Full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer people; Equal rights for women and free, legal abortion on demand; Expand workers’ right to a union; Take over the stolen wealth of the giant banks and corporations.

Register and vote Peace and Freedom Party!

2969 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 915-9071
Twitter: @larivapeltier

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