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Robert Ardini

Robert Ardini | REPUBLICAN

My campaign slogan says it all: A Moderate Republican Even a Democrat Can Like.TM Please think of me as fiscally conservative and socially moderate.

When I ran for Congress in New York, I developed bipartisan solutions to our nation's most pressing problems. I'm now running for President because I want to be in the best possible position to implement those solutions.

The national debt is my #1 issue. It's the greatest threat to our country because, if we're ever attacked on the homeland, we might not be able to afford to defend ourselves. We just can't keep printing money because every time we do, we devalue every existing dollar; and, we can't keep borrowing from China and other countries because that puts us in a compromised position.

I'm equally passionate about federal term limits. I propose a Constitutional Amendment which would limit every member of Congress, and the President, to one five year term; and, they wouldn't be eligible for re-election until they've been out of office for five years. I'd get it passed by having it take effect 15 or 20 years from now - so no one would be asked to vote themselves out of a job.

I'm well aware my odds of winning are slim. My response? First, I'm Roman Catholic - so I believe in miracles. Second, just like the lottery, 'you have to be in it to win it.'

Thanks for your consideration. I ask for your vote!

150 50th Ave #520
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 784-3879
Facebook: robert.ardini
Twitter: @RobertArdini

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Roque De LaFuente

Roque De La Fuente | REPUBLICAN

America is at a crossroads. We’ve been led by politicians who were more focused on improving the quality of their lives than improving the quality of ours.

As President I will work to improve our economy and repair the damage caused by massive tariffs but will do so without resorting to behavior that is insulting, harassing, or embarrassing to us all.

As President I will exhibit the character qualities of a true leader and not those of shameless self-promoter.

I would rather give credit than take it. I see no value in insulting others. I favor the Constitution over Twitter fights. I consult experts before reaching my decisions rather than acting on a whim. I will not abuse the presidency for personal gain. I will respect our Nation's history, principles, and values. I understand minority issues because I am a minority. I understand international relations because I have lived and worked abroad, which means I have experienced the false promises of socialism. I care about the environment and have taken steps privately to improve it. I understand the cost of education because I have five children. I do not look at problems through a political or narcissistic lens; I look at them through a practical one.

We are suffering because of politicians who place party politics ahead of the people and who view their office as a platform for self-promotion. Please help me change that by honoring me with your vote.

5440 Morehouse Dr
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 569-9000
Facebook: @joinrocky101
Twitter: @joinrocky101

Matt Matern

Matt Matern | REPUBLICAN

I’m Matt Matern. I’m an entrepreneur and attorney from Los Angeles. I’ve spent my career standing up to bullies, fighting to defend legal and constitutional rights, and supporting efforts in our community that serve the homeless, help the food insecure, and protect our environment. I’m running for President to give you the chance to vote for a candidate you can be proud of.

Californians deserve a President who will keep his word and deliver on his promises. $3 trillion has been added to the deficit, and federal debt is now $23 trillion. Tax breaks have benefited the rich while the working class suffers.

We need to empower working Americans and the middle class so they can pursue their dreams without undue tax burden. Limited government begins with limited taxation, and under my Live Free Tax Plan the first $50,000 earned by individuals and the first $100,000 earned by American families would be free from federal income tax.

I believe an America At Her Best deserves a more competent, caring, and effective President that will unite and inspire us, rather than acting like a bully that divides us. The American people deserve better. Please visit to learn more. I would be honored to earn your vote.

P.O. Box 310
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267
(310) 776-5554
Facebook: Matern 2020
Instagram: Matern 2020

Zoltan Istvan

Zoltan G. Istvan | REPUBLICAN

The speed of change we’ve seen in the last few decades is nothing compared to what’s on the horizon with the emergence of radical new technology and science. I’ve spent the last decade advocating for this change in America, and I’ve become widely recognized as a one of the country’s leading futurists. I’m running for President as a Republican to lead America into a future filled with prosperity and transhumanism.

I’m not a politician. In my 20s, I started as a journalist at National Geographic. Later, I became a successful real estate developer before selling most of my business. I was also director at a major wildlife nonprofit, WildAid. I also penned futurist and political opinion essays for major media; I’ve written over 220 articles. My public work has received hundreds of millions of views, much of it through my political and science activism. I’ve spoken at the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, Microsoft, Harvard and was the opening keynote at the Financial Times Camp Alphaville. I’m a graduate of Columbia University, and live in San Francisco with my physician wife and two young daughters.

My presidential campaign is centered around bringing back innovation to America so that we don’t lose technology and economic races to China. Ingenuity and technological leadership is waning in America, and I have the expertise and policies to get our great nation innovating again. Google my name and work, and you’ll see for yourself what 21st Century policies really look like.

35 Miller Ave 102
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 802-4891
Facebook: @zoltangistvan
Instagram: zoltan_istvan
Twitter: @zoltan_istvan

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Donald J. Trump | REPUBLICAN

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