Libertarian Party

Libertarians stand for something: Respect and Freedom Respect for each individual's life and liberty, without government coercion or force. We strive to reduce the use of force, thus increasing happiness, harmony, and prosperity for all. We believe that the most peaceful, prosperous, socially fair, and tolerant society is one that solves its problems without government force. We believe that social woes like inaccessible healthcare, inadequate social justice, inadequate housing, economic instability, and racial disparity are caused and perpetuated by officials who would rather increase their power instead of solving problems.

We believe in freedom. For 46 years, the Libertarian Party has been at the forefront of advocating once radical issues like marijuana legalization, marriage equity, school choice, gun rights, transportation competition, and ending mandatory minimum sentences and asset forfeiture laws.

We oppose foreign wars and want to bring our troops home from overseas.

We want to stop giving money and power to the same people who have caused the problems we face today.

It is time for a big change. If you are tired of throwing away your vote, send a message—Vote Libertarian!

Honor “Mimi” Robson, Chair
The Libertarian Party of California
770 L Street, Suite 950
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 446-1776

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