Recall Replacement Candidate Statements


  • As the state's chief executive officer, oversees most state departments and agencies, and appoints judges.
  • Proposes new laws, approves or vetoes legislation, and submits the annual state budget to the Legislature.
  • Mobilizes and directs state resources during emergencies.

Information About Recall Replacement Candidate Statements

The order of the statements was determined by randomized drawing. Statements on this page were supplied by the recall replacement candidates and have not been checked for accuracy by any official agency. Each statement was voluntarily submitted and paid for by the recall replacement candidate. Recall replacement candidates who did not submit statements could otherwise be qualified to appear on the ballot.

Dennis Richter


Raised rural Minnesota. Elected leader Socialist Workers Party. Worker for decades: rail, meatpacking, steel, garment. Currently works Walmart. Participant trade union struggles for higher wages, workers control over working conditions. Defender Cuban revolution, against Washington's economic embargo. Given talks on revolutionary fight for workers and farmers government in US, amnesty for immigrant workers.

2826 S. Vermont, Suite 1, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Tel: (323) 643-4968

Brandon M. Ross

Brandon M. Ross | DEMOCRATIC

California needs a viable, moderate Democrat who understands comebacks to lead the way. As the pandemic persists, we need someone who knows the medical science and the law. Mine is a comeback story. I built myself into a success, got hooked on drugs and lost everything. Then I conquered addiction and rose from the ashes to rebuild everything and more. I am a native Californian born and raised in San Diego. I went to UC Davis and graduated with Highest Honors with a degree in Genetics. I attended medical school to become a doctor, while simultaneously attaining my Masters in Public Health and Masters in Business Administration. Next, I established a successful cosmetic surgery center. I had it all, including a family and three kids. Then I lost everything after I got hooked on drugs, which started with an opiate addiction after taking narcotics for a back injury. My career, marriage, finances, friends, and custody of my children—GONE! I entered a recovery program seven years ago and turned my life around. I graduated law school and rebuilt my medical practice better than before. I regained custody of my kids, have a wonderful family and a fulfilling life. I run a charity that offers free cosmetic surgery to children following trauma and radiation treatments for brain tumors. I live a sober life and will make an excellent governor. If nothing else, I hope to at least be an inspiration to addicts and their families that addiction can be overcome.

5565 Grossmont Center Dr., Bldg 3, Suite 461, La Mesa, CA 91942
Tel: (619) 883-3599 | E-mail: |
Facebook: profile.php?id=100070604324742 |
Twitter: BrandonRossCalifornia
Instagram: brandonrosscalifornia

Doug Ose


Living in California is frustrating. Our leaders are out of touch with everyday life. They don't seem to care about results. Public education is failing our kids. Public safety is compromised. Crime rates are soaring, and defunding the police doesn't work. AB 5 killed independent contractor opportunities. Unreasonable COVID-19 restrictions killed more jobs and businesses. Inflexible policies destroyed a year of academic advancement for students. Homelessness is out of control. Housing and food are too expensive. State gas taxes are excessive. Electricity rates are rising. Water remains scarce. High speed rail is a disastrous boondoggle. Government is delusional to say they reduced fire risk as California burns each year. Millions of Californians were impacted by the disaster at the Employment Development Department and not a thing is being done to fix it. These wounds are self-inflicted. It doesn't have to be this way. We can rebuild the California Dream. It starts with public K–12 school choice. Remove caps on public charter school enrollment—funding must follow the child. Fund law enforcement. Hold criminals accountable. Provide mandatory treatment and counseling resources for drug addicts and mentally ill persons roaming the streets. Build housing we can afford. Lower gas taxes. Build water storage. Reduce fire fuels in forests. Fix the Employment Development Department and get checks out to those who are eligible. Everything I cherish is in California and I am fighting for it. Leadership and experience matter. It's time for a change. I humbly ask for your vote.

4013 Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95841
Tel: (916) 806-3110 | E-mail:
Facebook: DougOseCalifornia | Twitter: @DougOse |
Instagram: dougose Other: TikTok: @dougose

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner | REPUBLICAN

California has been my home for nearly 50 years. I came here because I knew that anyone, regardless of their background or station in life, could turn their dreams into reality. For the past decade, we have seen the glimmer of the Golden State reduced by one-party rule that places politics over progress and special interests over people. Sacramento needs an honest leader with a clear vision. I have been a compassionate and thoughtful disrupter throughout my life, from representing the United States and winning a gold medal at the Olympics to helping advance the movement for equality. As governor, I will fight for families, protect our children, and ensure businesses can thrive again. We have seen the cost of living skyrocket, leading to homelessness and soaring gas prices. This isn't the California we know. We can do better and I am the only candidate who can take on these challenges. I'll veto any new tax increase, any effort to defund the police, and I'll veto any effort to strip our veterans and first responders of the benefits or dignity they've earned.

Kevin L. Faulconer

Kevin L. Faulconer | REPUBLICAN

I believe California is home to the smartest, most innovative, hardest-working people in the world. Unfortunately our state government has failed us. Year after year, Sacramento politicians make California more expensive and less safe. They make it harder to earn a good living, buy a home, start a business, and retire. We need new ideas. Real solutions. Trusted experience. As San Diego mayor, I reformed government and focused on the basics: successfully reducing homelessness, balancing budgets, increasing police funding, fixing streets—without raising taxes. As governor, I will: Clean up unsafe homeless tent encampments with the compassionate but firm approach proven to work in San Diego. Make California more affordable, starting with the largest middle class tax cut in California history. Keep Californians safe by stopping the early release of violent criminals and enforcing our laws. Prioritize wildfire prevention, tackle our failing electrical grid, and expand water storage—keeping communities safe, power on, and water flowing. Fully reopen schools and reform education to be student-focused and accountable to parents. Support giving parents the power to choose the best school for their child. Reform the DMV and broken unemployment office, making them customer-focused and convenient. Stop wasteful “bullet trains to nowhere,” improving roads and highways instead. Take on special interests corrupting our government. You deserve to live, work, and retire with dignity in a state that is safe, clean, and affordable. With fresh ideas and new experienced leadership, we can solve California's problems.

P.O. Box 6871, San Diego, CA 92166-6871
Tel: (619) 354-8230 | E-mail:
Facebook: kevinfaulconer | Twitter: kevin_faulconer |
Instagram: kevinfaulconer

Holly L. Baade

Holly L. Baade | DEMOCRATIC

Leadership for a brighter tomorrow.

10C School Street, Fairfax, CA 94930
Tel: (415) 488-6218 | E-mail:
Facebook: holly.baade | Twitter: hollybaade |
Instagram: holly.baade Other:

David Alexander Bramante

David Alexander Bramante | REPUBLICAN

Californians—I am probably like you or someone you know. I have lived my whole life in or around Los Angeles. I was brought-up by a single mom who raised my brother, Miles, and me on food stamps while she attended law school at South Western. I learned from a young age the meaning of hard work and that I wanted to change my circumstances for my future children. I attended UCLA before leaving to pursue real estate investing, and later became a top broker at firms like Marcus & Millichap and Douglas Elliman. I am a small business owner of a real estate marketing company, My Home Agent, and my real estate team, The Bramante Group. I am now a father of three children who are being raised with both Jewish and Christian values. I want to be Governor of California because I believe Californians deserve the best. California is home to nine National Parks, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the longest stretch of the Pacific Ocean, and much more. As Governor, I will use Freedom as the keystone of my policies, and enlist the advice of experts where needed. That means free to be liberal or conservative, free to be LGBTQI, free to be vaccinated or not, free to wear a mask or not. I will clean up California. I want my policies to make California better now, and great for future generations. I will not run California alone, I will run California with all of you.

26565 W Agoura Road, Suite 200, Calabasas, CA 91302
Tel: (323) 484-4695 | E-mail:
Facebook: davidbramanteforgovernor | Twitter: davidbramante Instagram: davidbramante

Heather Collins

Heather Collins | GREEN

Green Party. Immigrant Small Business Owner

no photo submitted


After 43 years in California, I know the state well. As an educator I advocate for solidarity, the common good, and religious freedom. I will work for equity in housing, schools, and the workplace. I support home ownership, a living wage, and affordable childcare. We must manage our natural resources responsibly. My priority is to respect the dignity of life from conception to natural death. Visit us at

443 W. Hillsdale St., Inglewood, CA 90302
Tel: (310) 671-4412 | E-mail:
Facebook: Dr.JamesG.HaninkforGovernorofCalifornia

Jeff Hewitt


I love this state, as a third generation native Californian I have raised my family and run a business right here in California. I am ashamed that our state has deteriorated so much that my grandkids may not be able to build their lives here like I did. Rising housing prices, lack of infrastructure, and a broken education system are only the start to our worsening problems. When I was elected as County Supervisor in 2018, I wanted to do my best to grow the local economy and rebuild crumbling infrastructure. I could have never imagined the challenges that awaited me. Instead of building roads, I was fighting with the state to equitably distribute vaccines to our county. Instead of building housing, I was spearheading research to help keep my community safe. Instead of tackling the homelessness crisis, I was handing out food to families that were out of work. I am proud of the work I and my colleagues have done, despite the terrible and arbitrary edicts from the Governor. I offer the unique combination of elected experience, small business acumen, and a rarely seen backbone in a politician. As your next Governor I will address our water crisis first, setting aside funding for conveyance and expanding dams. Our housing shortage, education and looming pension debt are all in my sights as well. As a proud Libertarian, I can work across the aisle to get the job done.

Tel: (951) 588-5585 | E-mail:
Facebook: @hewitt4ca | Twitter: @hewitt4ca |
Instagram: hewittforca

David Hillberg

David Hillberg | REPUBLICAN

I will enforce the Law and uphold and support Constitutions of the State of California and those of the United States of America. I will demand the same for those you elect into office, Sanctuary and Open Border Policies that violate law or other items of our past that violate our Constitution. Must be corrected. Those who walk the halls of power had been in need of addressing for a very long time. They went off the rails long ago. And we have paid too much for too long. We all have had enough of it.

P.O. Box 9977, Fountain Valley, CA 92728
Tel: (714) 580-7486 | E-mail:



Angelyne Billboard Queen. Icon. Experienced politician.

P.O. Box 3864, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Tel: (323) 461-2148 | E-mail: | Facebook: officialangelyne |
Twitter: Angelyne2222 Instagram: officialangelyne

Larry A. Elder

Larry A. Elder | REPUBLICAN

What's happening to our California? To my WWII Marine dad, an 8th grade dropout, California was truly the Golden State. He arrived after the War and worked two full time janitorial jobs. California's then healthy economy enabled him to buy a home and, with my stay-at-home mom, raise three boys. That home is now worth $600,000, a nightmare for any young family struggling with today's cost of living, and striving to follow my dad's upward path. Stopping California's war on the middle class demands reducing the regulations driving up housing costs and sending jobs to other states. Los Angeles public schools empowered me to an Ivy League university and then law school. Today, very few of the students attending my former inner city high school are proficient at math. As Governor, I will expand charter schools and crusade for school choice, igniting competition to deliver excellence in K–12 education. It can be done! How can California have record budgets and tax hikes . . . and yet pervasive homelessness? I pledge to overhaul our budgetary process, repeal the latest gas tax hike, and work with faith and nonprofit organizations to lift up our homeless brothers and sisters. I also will support true criminal justice reform, while opposing no-bail for repeat offenders and wholeheartedly backing police and prosecutors in the fight to end California's crime wave. I'm not an elitist power hungry politician. I'm humbled to ask for your vote. I am an optimist. Let's make California golden again!

Joel Ventresca

Joel Ventresca | DEMOCRATIC

Incorruptible-Independent-Berniecrat-Democrat. New Transformational Leadership & Fundamental Change is Coming. For over 25 years as a San Francisco peaceful warrior champion, I fearlessly battled the Most Corrupt Machine in California & America that amassed unprecedented power & wealth, rigged the economic & political system to make the superrich richer, and caused ever-expanding criminal prosecutions. 34 Years of Exceptional Award-winning Public Service: Administrator, Analyst, and Safety Security Risk Expert building the industry-leading City and County of San Francisco International Airport into an economic powerhouse creating 300,000 jobs and $62.5 billion in business sales annually (1987–2018); Department Head Assistant and Aging Specialist, City and County of San Francisco Aging Commission (1981–1984). Prior Impactful Leadership Positions: Democratic Party Runner-up for San Francisco Mayor in 2019; City and County of San Francisco Environmental Commissioner; President, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods; Executive Board Member, SEIU; Nationally-known Successful Community Organizer. Education: Jesuit-educated; Master in Public Administration, University of San Francisco. Media Characterizations: "hero"; "courageous"; "tough"; "principled"; "honest"; "incorruptible"; "liberal"; "progressive"; "left"; "empathetic"; "knowledgeable". Family: Son of Italian American science teacher & homemaker; Married Asian American immigrant; Related to signers of the Declaration of Independence & Constitution. Platform: Enact universal high quality healthcare & education; Raise minimum wage; Reverse growing economic inequality; End homelessness & poverty; Transition to zero-carbon emissions; Rejuvenate inclusive participatory democracy; Disempower top 1% economic elite; Empower nonviolent mass movements; Create just, livable & flourishing California for all. As a prominent 99% Public Interest Game-changer Democrat, who received 111,000 votes in San Francisco elections, I will govern as America's most effective progressive governor.

3934 Ortega Street, San Francisco, CA 94122-3944
Tel: (415) 941-7945 | E-mail:

Jeremiah “Jeremy” Marciniak

Jeremiah "Jeremy" Marciniak | NO PARTY PREFERENCE

Search YouTube

Facebook: people/Jeremiah-Marciniak/100070443693256

No photo submitted

Jacqueline McGowan | DEMOCRATIC

As a California native and an 18 year Wall Street veteran with 7 years of experience as a cannabis consultant, I am intimately familiar with how politics as usual has botched the roll-out of the regulated cannabis market. Needed jobs and tax revenues from small businesses are slipping out of grasp and the time to act is now. We can and I will facilitate a fair cannabis market with net economic benefits for all Californians, reclaiming our proper role as the epicenter of this global industry of the future. When Sacramento finally began regulating cannabis in 2014 I started tracking policy and building relationships across 482 cities and 58 counties by leading an online policy forum. I understand many of the challenges of our local governments and have effected change in the Capitol despite long odds. Meanwhile, over-regulation and over-taxation have resulted in a hostile business climate that has led to a market dominated by a few winners, often owned by foreign companies. I cannot stand by while small business owners who are my colleagues (and your neighbors) suffer, leading to suicides while promises are unkept and the illicit market thrives. In so many ways, California can do better, which is why now is the time for new leadership. We deserve a robust, thriving and well-regulated cannabis industry, standing proudly beside our innovators and entrepreneurs to which the world looks. We can set California back on the right track. Vote Jacqueline McGowan and visit

952 School St., Suite 364, Napa, CA 94559
Tel: (925) 758-3335 | E-mail:

Daniel Mercuri

Daniel Mercuri | REPUBLICAN

As a father, Jesus is my foundation. As a veteran, I still honor my oath. As a business owner, I believe we are a community not a profit margin. As a patriot, I will fight to starve the government feed the people.

4335 Van Nuys Blvd., #340, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Tel: (805) 428-5315 |
E-mail: | Facebook: DanielMercuriforCAGov Twitter: Dan_Mercuri | Instagram: danielmercuriforcagovernor Other: (Daniel Mercuri for Governor)

Dan Kapelovitz

Dan Kapelovitz | GREEN

Can you dig it?

7119 W. Sunset Blvd., #999, West Hollywood, CA 90046
Tel: (323) 839-6227 | E-mail:
Facebook: kapelovitz

Kevin Kiley

Kevin Kiley | REPUBLICAN

California used to be the state where anyone could get ahead. It's now the state many can't wait to leave behind. For the sake of the state we love, I'm asking voters to take a chance on change. Five years ago, I ran for the Legislature as an outsider. I had taught high school in inner-city Los Angeles, prosecuted cases against violent felons, and defended the Constitution in our courts. Since taking office, I've fought to root out corruption at the State Capitol. I'm the only lawmaker who refuses all special interest funding. I've declined the annual $40,000 allowance and turned down a pay raise. I've acted to end perks like a private DMV office for legislators. I've authored groundbreaking legislation on freedom of speech, public safety, school choice, criminal justice reform, and artificial intelligence. Yet I've also seen that our state government is fundamentally broken. Our Capitol is rife with corruption. Our political leaders serve special interests rather than the public interest. It's why we pay the highest gas taxes while driving over the deepest potholes. It's why we spend billions more on homelessness as the problem gets worse. In California, we sacrifice the most and get the least in return. The people of California deserve better. If elected, I will immediately call a Special Session of the Legislature to address our failing schools, soaring cost of living, rising crime rates, and jarring homelessness. It's time to get back to basics and restore integrity to state government. | Facebook: KevinKileyCA |
Twitter: KevinKileyCA Instagram: kevinpkiley

Chauncey “Slim” Killens

Chauncey "Slim" Killens | REPUBLICAN

Vote For Me The People's Governor

Tel: (916) 562-2744 |

Patrick Kilpatrick

Patrick Kilpatrick | DEMOCRATIC

200 films/hit TV shows as lead actor, screenwriter, movie producer, expert in global film finance. Hollywood back to California. Bring film/TV production, eco-sensitive industries—all those jobs back through greater incentives. Elevate our schools by ensuring that funding reaches children's programs and teachers. Our pre–K to community colleges should be the finest in the country. Lower taxes. Zero tolerance for crime with advanced police training and reform. Eradicate homelessness by providing essential services and employment necessary. Secure borders, equal justice for everyone—path to citizenship with fine for illegal entry. Heal California! United California—We are ONE! Immediate implementation of 25% cash rebate for in-state spending for vetted film/TV media, video games, and photographic projects. Highway expansion at gridlock chokepoints. Federal/State subsidy for eco solar and wind power retrofitting, including Landlord installation subsidies. Creation of large scale work force for fire forestry maintenance, recycling programs, beach clean up/ocean preservation, school, open space and highway beautification. Statewide compliance of single use biodegradable utensils/packaging. Severe fines for industrial polluters. Drought tolerant plant mandates.

E-mail: | |
Facebook: ImPatKilpatrick | Instagram: patrickkilpatrick

no photo submitted

Denver Stoner | REPUBLICAN

There is a serious lack of moral character and servant leadership among government officials today, which has led to a decay in how social and fiscal responsibilities are carried out, resulting in the people of our state being denied their constitutional and God given rights and freedoms. It's time to bring God back into our governing process to restore greatness to the state of California. I have dedicated my life to service and am widely respected in my community, where I have served as a first-responder, namely as a deputy and firefighter for over 19 years. As a lifelong citizen of California, I desire a better, brighter future for our children and grandchildren. As a conservative Christian who is pro-God, pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, pro-liberty, and pro-law enforcement, I believe I can carry out the God-given duty of Governor of California to effect healthy change and restore our great state.

3015 E. Highway 4, Murphys, CA 95247

Jenny Rae Le Roux

Jenny Rae Le Roux | REPUBLICAN

Jenny Rae Le Roux is running to free California so that Californians can live, work, and breathe again. Career politicians have failed us. People used to dream of coming to California to pursue freedom and prosperity. Now, Californians are fleeing the nightmare: high costs of living and higher taxes, while crime and unemployment skyrocket. Our schools are mismanaged, with overreaching curriculum. Fires rage, water is scarce; we can't even keep the power on. Our leaders are ineffective, out of touch, and living consequence-free—but happy to spend your money and tell you how to live. Jenny Rae is different. She takes responsibility and gets results. She's a leader who shapes culture. She's a businesswoman who runs organizations where outcomes matter. She grew startups into global businesses by shrinking costs and driving change. And she did it all while raising a family. For Jenny Rae, public service is laying down the right to serve her interests so she can serve every Californian. As the state's executive, she'll do what she's always done: follow the data to common sense solutions. As an outsider, she is beholden only to the people of California. As a working Californian, she won't ask you to do anything she's not willing to do. And as a mom, she believes that California's kids deserve better: they deserve a free and prosperous future in California. She'll hold politicians accountable and be a voice for the voiceless, fighting for the freedom to live, work, and breathe again.

1095 Hilltop Drive, Suite 277, Redding, CA 96003
Tel: (530) 691-0434 | E-mail:
Facebook: jennyraeca | Twitter: jennyraeca | Instagram: jennyraeca Other:

Michael Loebs


Democrats and Republicans are failing California, representing their party or careers, not our interests. As a California-born political science lecturer and California National Party chairperson, I'll return California politics to voters.

1017 L St., #294, Sacramento, CA 95814
Facebook: VoteCNP | Twitter: vote_cnp | Instagram: vote_cnp

David Lozano

David Lozano | REPUBLICAN

David Lozano is the only candidate with a real solution to homelessness. Go to to read about his solutions to California's problems, such as Police Reform, Affordable Housing, Reducing Taxes and more. David is a native Californian, an attorney with over 28 years experience, a past Los Angeles Sheriff and has worked in over 10 countries around the world, such as Egypt, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Maldives and Greece. David holds a Degree in Political Science and a Doctorate in Law. David is currently an executive officer and a top negotiator. Make your vote count to end homelessness by voting for David Lozano as Governor.

P.O. Box 1090, San Gabriel, CA 91778-1090
Tel: (626) 521-5660 | E-mail:

no photo submitted


As a teacher I took an oath to uphold the United States Constitution. A distraught kindergartener crying told me, "I love my mommy, I love my daddy, why can't I love them equally by living half of the time with each?" My teary eyed student wanted a 50 50 Child Custody arrangement prescribed in the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause, I respect California's students.


Adam Papagan


Love U

6727 1/8 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028
Tel: (310) 614-4163 | E-mail:
Instagram: ADAMPAPAGAN | Other: TikTok @ADAMFORGOV |

Robert C. Newman II

Robert C. Newman II | REPUBLICAN

Not political but a public servant qualified with an AA, BA (zoology/chemistry), MA (theoretical/research), Ph.D. (clinical research psychology, scientific publications), married 60 years with 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Moved from Michigan to San Diego (1944) where my father served in the Navy. Pro-God, pro-life, traditional marriage, U.S. Constitution, Second Amendment Rights, legal immigration, agriculture, small business, truckers; School Choice. A patriot honoring veterans. California is high in poverty, unemployment, violent crimes, and taxes while schools are among the worst. A crippling regulatory environment is killing businesses. Limit government emphasizing individual responsibility. The Declaration of Independence, US Constitution inspired by our Founding Father's faith in God are magnificent. Protect state sovereignty, Open California, increase take home pay, save pensions, return schools to local control, allocate farmers more water, cut taxes, reduce regulations, restore Constitutional rights—including gun rights and shrink government. Realistic homeless solutions.

P.O. Box 7074, Redlands, CA 92375
Tel: (909) 801-4630 | E-mail:

John R. Drake

John R. Drake | DEMOCRATIC

John is a recent community college graduate with a degree in Political Science. His continuing educational focus is Government and Policy-Making.

8338 Lakewood Circle, Ventura, CA 93004
Tel: (805) 794-7950 | E-mail:
Facebook: JohnDrakeforGovernorofCalifornia |
Twitter: johnrobertdrake | Instagram: johnrobertdrake |

Ted Gaines


My family came to California in 1853 and flourished in the rough-and-tumble Gold Rush economy. I'm forever thankful for this state and I'm committed to a future as bright as our past. But we are so far removed from the freewheeling environment that attracted the dreamers of '49. California simply could not have a Gold Rush today. Government would choke it off immediately, regulate and tax it out of existence. As Governor, I will restore the freedom and promise that made California an unrivaled destination for builders and creators from around the world, and I will push affordability so middle-class families are not priced out of our state. I was a straight-A rated legislator by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and will fully defend Proposition 13 and crush attempted tax increases. I will slash regulations and cap fees that push housing prices out of reach for young families. I'll repeal the gas tax and use the state's overflowing general fund to rebuild our once-great road system without $5 per gallon gas. Criminals will be held accountable, and I won't take guns away from law-abiding citizens while putting 70,000 felons back on our streets. I'll fight for new water storage such as Sites Reservoir so families aren't rationed, and farmers can have every drop they need. I will support reliable, affordable, and abundant energy so we don't suffer blackouts and create energy poverty. Pro-life, pro-family. "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18.

5170 Golden Foothill Parkway, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Tel: (916) 773-8000 | E-mail:
Facebook: TedGaines | Twitter: TedGaines

Sam L. Gallucci

Sam L. Gallucci | REPUBLICAN

I'm running for Governor because the California we knew has been taken from us. It's no longer the Golden State. Many Californians feel we no longer have a voice. We have no confidence our vote matters and believe we are losing our California values. We must bring California back to its people. We must provide moral leadership, truth, and transparency. We must protect our children, our families, our small businesses, our jobs, and we must solve the homeless crisis. As a business executive I have real-world experience creating jobs and as a Pastor I have the proven compassion experience addressing the homeless crisis in my county for over 14 years. I have a comprehensive plan to address this humanitarian crisis. Today, the wealthy, the poor, the homeless, and migrants call me their pastor. We need a true Californian not another career politician. As your Governor, I will work every day to give our government back to its people. I'm asking for your vote to restore the California Dream! Visit

P.O. Box 1032, Oxnard, CA 93032
Tel: (949) 445-0154 | E-mail:
Facebook: SamGallucciForGovernor | Twitter: @Gallucci4C Instagram: gallucci4california

Anthony Trimino

Anthony Trimino | REPUBLICAN

Anthony Trimino is the CEO of one of America's fastest growing privately held companies. He's also the grandson of an immigrant who fled a communist Cuba to pursue the American Dream. A dream he believes that is slowly dying here in California. Anthony will restore the promise of freedom for our children, for our families and for our future. Electing Anthony will ensure we have a family first approach to policies built on his strong foundation of faith. He will protect our children, protect our businesses, protect our right to worship and will work to liberate California from the hands of an overreaching government—once and for all.

874 Spectrum Center Dr., Irvine, CA 92618
Tel: (562) 271-3878 | E-mail:
Twitter: ATrimino | Instagram: @atrimino

Daniel Watts

Daniel Watts | DEMOCRATIC

Imagine a California with free public colleges that respect free speech. Protect constitutional rights and higher education. Vote

407 Alvarado Terrace, Vista, CA 92084
Tel: (619) 663-5833 | E-mail:
Facebook: governorwatts | Twitter: governorwatts |
Instagram: governorwatts | Other:

Nickolas Wildstar

Nickolas Wildstar | REPUBLICAN

I'm the only Governor candidate that'll restore accountability, responsibility, and constitutionality to California. Our nation was founded on liberty, but now it's considered a wild idea. That's why I'm asking you to Go Wild and elect Wildstar for Governor Now!

P.O. Box 13033, Fresno, CA 93794
Tel: (818) 538-4878 | E-mail:
Facebook: wildstar2022 | Twitter: therealqball | Instagram: governorwildstar | Other:

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