Information About Recall Replacement Candidate Statements

In This Guide

This voter guide includes information about recall replacement candidates.

Recall replacement candidates can buy space for their candidate statement in this voter guide. Some candidates, however, choose not to buy space for a statement.

California law includes voluntary spending limits for candidates running for state office who choose to keep their campaign expenses under specified dollar amounts. These candidates may buy space for a candidate statement (up to 250 words) in this voter guide.

The voluntary spending limit for candidates for Governor in the September 14, 2021, California Gubernatorial Recall Election is $9,728,000.

In the candidate list on this page, an asterisk (*) designates a statewide gubernatorial office candidate who accepted California’s voluntary campaign spending limits and therefore has the option to buy space for a candidate statement in this voter guide. (Some eligible candidates choose not to buy space for a candidate statement.)

For the final certified list of candidates, go to


Recall Replacement
Candidate Name
Angelyne* No Party Preference
Holly L. Baade* Democratic
David Alexander Bramante* Republican
Heather Collins* Green
John Cox Republican
John R. Drake* Democratic
Larry A. Elder* Republican
Kevin L. Faulconer* Republican
Rhonda Furin Republican
Ted Gaines* Republican
Sam L. Gallucci* Republican
James G. Hanink* No Qualified Party Preference
Jeff Hewitt* Libertarian
David Hillberg* Republican
Caitlyn Jenner* Republican
Dan Kapelovitz* Green
Kevin K. Kaul* No Party Preference
Kevin Kiley* Republican
Chauncey “Slim” Killens* Republican
Patrick Kilpatrick* Democratic
Jenny Rae Le Roux* Republican
Steve Chavez Lodge* Republican
Michael Loebs* No Qualified Party Preference
Recall Replacement Candidate Name Party
David Lozano* Republican
Denis Lucey* No Party Preference
Jeremiah “Jeremy” Marciniak* No Party Preference
Diego Martinez* Republican
Jacqueline McGowan* Democratic
Daniel Mercuri* Republican
David Moore* No Qualified Party Preference
Robert C. Newman II* Republican
Doug Ose* Republican
Kevin Paffrath* Democratic
Adam Papagan* No Party Preference
Armando “Mando” Perez-Serrato* Democratic
Dennis Richter* No Party Preference
Brandon M. Ross* Democratic
Major Singh* No Party Preference
Sarah Stephens* Republican
Denver Stoner* Republican
Joe M. Symmon* Republican
Anthony Trimino* Republican
Joel Ventresca* Democratic
Daniel Watts* Democratic
Nickolas Wildstar* Republican
Leo S. Zacky* Republican

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